Cobra | K-120


Make: Cobra
Model: K-120
Price: Price on Request

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  • Screening and sorting materials for recycling
  • Composting, aerating green waste
  • Recycling and handling of top soil and dirt
  • Recycling of demolition waste
  • Pipeline and cable trench padding and backfilling
  • Preparing topsoil for landscaping
  • Screening peat and mulch
  • Mixing or stabilizing different materials
  • Crushing, screening and grinding industrial raw materials
  • Rushing and screening frozen materials

Cobra screening buckets designed with flexibility:

The cobra screening buckets are easy to increase recycling of different materials by skipping waste materials, instead of reusing it on site or recycling for profit. It is perfect for material handling when particle size matters.

Cobra screening buckets can be adjusted or customized to the material being processed. This design of the Cobra screening buckets are made to meet the challenges of changing industries.

Cobra screening bucket effectiveness:

With the Cobra screening buckets you can effectively screen, crush, separate, sort, recycle, reuse, mix, backfill and/or separate many different materials like soil, dirt, demolition waste, industrial by-products and frozen materials.
The Cobra screening buckets are designed for excavators, wheel loaders, backhoes, and tele-handlers. With this design fine adjustment of fragment size, it is a powerful tool to ensure a high quality and production rate.

Cobra screening buckets ease of use:

The Cobra screening buckets are easy to transport it’s light attachment with its high screening capacity and adjustable fragment sizes This allows you to eliminate waste materials and the money for transport. It also allows you to re-use, recycle on site for additional profit. It is beat for when material handling fragment size matters.

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