Black Splitter S2X 800 a “Game Changer” for Log Splitting

Turnersville, N.J. May 20, 2015: The Black Splitter S2X 800 is a hydraulic wood splitting attachment that enables an operator to handle and split large timber with the precision of a surgeon without leaving the cab of a construction machine.

Marlton, New Jersey-based Atlantic Excavator Attachments, LLC is the first distributor to introduce this unique German-manufactured attachment to the North American marketplace. Although new to the United States, Black Splitter products are utilized in numerous industries around the world including firewood and wood fuel production, biomass harvesting, forestry, land clearing, and landscaping.

“The Black Splitter hydraulic log and stump splitter models are a game changer,” says Eric Ransome, owner of Atlantic Excavator Attachments. They allow you to offload a truck and process a log or stump within minutes using small machines including mini excavators and backhoes.”

ACC Landscape Contractors of Turnersville, N.J., purchased an S2X 800 from Atlantic Excavator Attachments and became the first client to experience the power of this unique attachment. ACC is a small contractor specializing in land clearing, forestry, and the distribution of byproducts including mulch and firewood.

ACC Owner Steve Reisenweaver estimates the S2X 800 will quadruple the production of its log-splitting operation. What once required two workers equipped with a chainsaw, a log splitter, and a large steel bar is now accomplished by a single operator with a Black Splitter mounted on a Caterpillar 426F Backhoe Loader.

As with all Black Splitter wood-splitting attachments, the rotating cone can be used to maneuver and position individual logs before and after splitting from the operator’s cab. This improves comfort and productivity, especially during the winter.

“You can sit in a heated cab with the radio going instead of out there next to a loud machine, freezing and busting your fingers up,” says Reisenweaver.”When the operators are comfortable and your workers are comfortable, you’re going to have lot more production.”

ACC processes a lot of hardwoods including oak and maple, but what impressed Reisenweaver most was how easily the S2X 800 tore through gumwood, which he describes as a”giant knot.” “It will split a gumwood log that’s 30 inches around,” he says.”That’s impressive.”

This is made possible by the 245-millimeter rotating threaded chromium-steel cone with replaceable tip. The cone is available with a double helical thread design with a thread pitch of 24 millimeter for rapid wood penetration, or a quadruple helical thread design with a thread pitch of 45 millimeter on the model S2G for more powerful penetration into the largest and hardest timber.

“There’s many different options out there when it comes to splitting big timber,” Reisenweaver admits, “but I feel like this is the best option. To be able to sit in in the cab of your machine and split firewood is just amazing.”

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