F&W Equipment Brings Ransome’s Unique Attachments to Connecticut

Orange, Conn. September 28, 2021: F&W Equipment Corporation, a leading distributor of landscaping and earthmoving equipment in Connecticut since 1939, is now a stocking dealer for the complete line of attachments offered by Ransome Attachments. During a recent attachment demonstration at F&W Equipment’s Orange, Connecticut facility, the companies showed off Ransome’s Exac-One Mini Mower, Exac-One […]

Ransome’s Gyru-Star Turns Skeptical Contractor into a Believer

Lumberton, N.J. October 30, 2019: Tony Shuler of Shuler’s Mulch and Grading is a resourceful contractor that seems to have a track record of identifying and capitalizing on trends and moving on when others follow his lead. It should be no surprise that he purchased a Gyru-Star Compact Screening Bucket from Ransome Attachments before the […]

Cobra or the Gyru-Star? Which Screening Bucket is Right for Me?

Ransome Attachments picked up the Gyru-Star Compact Screening Bucket and the Cobra Screening Bucket in 2019. Some of our customers have questioned which product best fits specific jobs so allow us to share what we tell them. Perhaps the greatest difference is that the Cobra crushes and the Gyru-Star only screens. The Gyru Star is […]

Now Offering the Ditch Doctor: a Better Way to Dig Ditches

The conventional way of digging and maintaining ditches is the excavator-mounted bucket method. The leftover pile of spoils not only adds to your expenses, but also slows down production. Whether you’re working on a dry ditch or in up to three feet of water, our newest attachment, the Ditch Doctor™, solves those problems. This unique […]

Now Offering the Gyru-Star for Compact Equipment

The Gyru-Star Compact Screening Bucket is a durable, efficient, and cost-effective way to separate stone and vegetation from soil without the need for crushing or shredding. The attachment derives its name from the rows of flexible polyurethane stars that screen the material. The unique shape, flexibility, and spacing of the stars also eliminates the potential […]

Optimize Your Hauling with AM Machinery Trailers

Ransome became a distributor for AM Machinery’s Dump Trailer in November 2018. It was an obviously complement to our existing Black Splitter line. In fact, we rolled out a dump trailer at the recent Loggers Plus Expo in Bloomsburg, Pa. The forestry trailer, designed to hitch up to a single-axle truck, is ideal for loading, […]

Introducing the New Grab-N-Drive Post Driver

The Grab-N-Drive Post Driver, a new offering by Ransome Attachments, allows an operator to handle, place, and drive wooden, concrete, and metal posts without the assistance of a person on the ground. The multifunctional attachment consists of a grab to handle and set posts and a hammer to drive them. The hydraulic GD30S can deliver […]

Get the Most Out of Your Bucket with a Gentec Thumb

Thumbs are often overlooked despite the ability to enhance the versatility of your bucket. We offer 12 manual and hydraulic thumbs from Gentec Equipment that are designed to facilitate the picking, holding, and movement of all types of material such as rocks, concrete, branches, and debris. These heavy-duty thumbs feature fingers made of AR 400 […]

Pile Driving and Soil Compaction in a Single Attachment

There are times where you have to compact soil for foundations, trenches, or slopes, but must also drive beams, seawalls, piling, and sheeting. How often have you had to waste time and money switching out machines or attachments? The GE-970 is essentially a hydraulic plate compactor that can also function as a vibratory pile driver. […]

5% OFF Strickland Attachments

Strickland Attachments: Rugged, Durable, and Cheaper than the Competition Ransome Attachments has been offering the Strickland line for more than 15 years. Our customers report time and time again that these attachments match the ruggedness and durability of the most expensive brands on the market but at a much lower price point. Our lineup includes grapples, splitters, mechanical […]

2018 Best Wholesale Dealer Worldwide – Black Splitter

Ransome Attachments is humbled and honored to be recognized by Black Splitter as the best wholesale dealer worldwide for Black Splitter products in 2018. We are fortunate to lead an incredibly talented team, and couldn’t do it without such a greatly organized effort. We are very proud of the acknowledgment and grateful for the success.

Saw, Split, and Extract Stumps with the Ransome Shark Tooth

The Ransome Shark Tooth Stump Splitter/ Harvester Model RST 150 is ideal for land clearing contractors looking for a single attachment to saw, split, extract and harvest tree stumps. The operation is simple: insert the tooth; use the serrated edge to saw it; and use the thumb and the flat edge of the tooth to extract and […]

8- to 21-Ton Excavator? Tough Timber? Meet the Black Splitter Model S2G

The Black Splitter Model S2G is ideal for splitting various types of wood when mounted on 8- to 21-ton excavators. With 12,000 nM (Newton Meters) of torque, this hydraulic cone splitter can conquer timber of all sizes and lengths. Like all Black Splitter wood-splitting attachments, it can also be used to maneuver and position individual logs before […]

Black Splitter Key to Recycling Center’s Newfound Self-Sufficiency

The Shelter Island Recycling Center on Long Island, N.Y. had just acquired a horizontal grinder and needed to downsize vegetative waste before processing it to ensure the longevity of its substantial investment. The Black Splitter Model SB Hydraulic Cone Splitter not only filled that need, but also made the facility self-sufficient and saved the taxpayers […]

Contractor Cuts Stump Disposal Time With Shark Tooth

Thompson Brothers has substantially reduced the time required to burn tree stumps and brush because of a Ransome Shark Tooth Model RST 150 Stump Splitter/Harvester purchased from Ransome Attachments. Thompson Brothers once focused on cleaning up and grading timbered sites in the rugged Appalachian Mountains near the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. The small, family-owned […]

Contractor Seeks Cost-Effective Concrete Recycling, Strickland Pulverizer Delivers

Profex, Inc., a Newburgh, N.Y.-based general contractor, has found a cost-effective way to recycle concrete in-house with the Strickland SCP80 Mechanical Concrete Pulverizer. The firm purchased the attachment from Ransome Attachments of Marlton, N.J. in March 2017 and is already impressed with its durability. The SCP80 – quick coupler-mounted on a Caterpillar 345C L Excavator […]

Black Splitter Wood Splitting Attachments Now Available Online

Marlton, N.J. March 1, 2017: Atlantic Excavator Attachments has cemented a deal with Power Equipment Direct to begin selling its Black Splitter wood splitting attachments online at its specialty site The move represents the firm’s entry into e-commerce and allows customers from across the United States to easily acquire these unique cone splitters through […]

Black Splitter Wood Splitting Attachment Makes Debut in California

Marlton, N.J. February 8, 2017: Atlantic Excavator Attachments has reached a critical milestone with the sale of a Black Splitter S2X 800 wood splitting attachment to the ZBest Composting Facility in Gilroy, California. The deal represents the New Jersey based distributor’s official entry into the West Coast market with its unique product. Z-Best, owned by […]

Log Splitter Attachment Mobilizes for On-Site Demonstrations

Marlton, N.J. September 21, 2016: Eric Ransome, owner of Atlantic Excavator Attachments, has taken to the road to demonstrate how his Black Splitter log splitter attachments can optimize firewood processing, wood chipping, and mulch processing operations. He has been traversing the Mid-Atlantic region conducting free on-site demonstrations to accomplish the mission. Ransome embarked on this […]

Black Splitter S2X 800 Converts Customer to Dealer

Marlton, N.J. May 01, 2016: Bill Mollard, owner of Davis, West Virginia-based Timberline Landscape Care, went from being the owner of a Black Splitter S2X 800 wood splitting attachment to a dealer. This unique German-manufactured cone splitter enables an operator to handle and split large timber without leaving the cab of a construction machine. Timberline […]

Black Splitter Attachment Ignites Firewood Production

Ellicott City, Md. December 1, 2015: Maryland Landscape Supply of Ellicott City, Md. dramatically improved the cost and efficiency of its firewood processing operation with the purchase of a Black Splitter S2X 800 hydraulic wood splitting attachment from Atlantic Excavator Attachments. This unique German-manufactured attachment allows an operator to handle and split large timber with […]

Black Splitter S2X 800 a “Game Changer” for Log Splitting

Turnersville, N.J. May 20, 2015: The Black Splitter S2X 800 is a hydraulic wood splitting attachment that enables an operator to handle and split large timber with the precision of a surgeon without leaving the cab of a construction machine. Marlton, New Jersey-based Atlantic Excavator Attachments, LLC is the first distributor to introduce this unique […]