Black Splitter

After over 25 years of buying and selling quality new and used demolition & recycling attachments for excavators, we are proud to announce that we are the 1st distributor of Black Splitter cone splitter attachments in North America.

Due to their exceptional German engineering and robust construction, Black Splitter hydraulic wood splitter attachments and accessories have earned acclaim for their superior quality for all types of log splitting from industry professionals and private customers around the world. Their products are utilized in numerous industries including log splitting, firewood & wood fuel production, biomass harvesting, forestry, land clearing and landscaping. Black Splitter products are CE approved in accordance with EU regulations for consumer health, operational & environmental safety and international export standards. Be sure to check out our important Black Splitter Operating Checklist before using our products.

As the 1st North American distributor of Black Splitter, we know their name emphasizes quality product manufacturing, excellent customer care and safe machinery operation. Your satisfaction and safety are their bottom line…and ours!

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What does the black splitter have on other log splitters?

The German-made hydraulic cone splitter attachment, known as the Black Splitter, enables an operator to handle and split large timber logs with surgical precision without ever having to leave the cab of a construction machine.

This professional grade screw splitter is a game changer for the industry. The rotating threaded chromium cone of the Black Splitter models allow the operator to maneuver and position logs from the operator’s cab and improves comfort and productivity, especially during winter. The Black Splitter screw splitter’s ability to rotate logs provides a distinct advantage over traditional grapple and loader buckets. Just look at the precision of this log splitter — all without having to leave your cab!

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Improve Log Splitter Productivity & Comfort

Productivity is what it’s all about when log splitting. The more split logs you can produce in a short time, all the better. The Black Splitter cone splitters clearly have that covered. Now, imagine that you can be as productive as possible AND enjoy the comfort of never having to leave your cab. Whether it’s an icy cold winter’s day or a hot and humid one, you get to stay in the comfortable temperature of your cab. Providing productivity and comfort — now that’s what we call a priceless log splitter.

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Cone Splitter

Ransome Attachments is the first distributor to introduce the Black Splitter cone splitter, a unique German-manufactured attachment, to the North American marketplace. Although new to the United States, Black Splitter screw splitter products are utilized in numerous industries around the world including firewood and wood fuel production, biomass harvesting, forestry, land clearing, and landscaping.

As with all Black Splitter wood-splitting attachments, the rotating cone splitter can be used to maneuver and position individual logs before and after splitting from the operator’s cab. This improves comfort and productivity, especially during the winter.

“You can sit in a heated cab with the radio going instead of out there next to a loud machine, freezing and busting your fingers up,” says our customer, Reisenweaver. “When the operators are comfortable and your workers are comfortable, you’re going to have a lot more production.”

ACC processes a lot of hardwoods including oak and maple, but what impressed Reisenweaver most was how easily the model S2X 800 tore through gumwood, which he describes as a “giant knot.” “It will split a gumwood log that’s 30 inches around,” he says. “That’s impressive.”

This is made possible by the 245-millimeter rotating threaded chromium-steel cone with replaceable tip. The cone is available with a double helical thread design with a thread pitch of 24 millimeter for rapid wood penetration, or a quadruple helical thread design with a thread pitch of 45 millimeter on the SB models for more powerful penetration into the largest and hardest timber.

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Additional FAQs

  • Where are the Black Splitter products and parts manufactured?
    • All the Black Splitter products are designed and manufactured in Germany.
  • Where do Black Splitter products ship from?
    • Currently, all Black Splitter products and parts are imported by Ransome Attachments as the US distributor and inventoried in NJ. Depending on availability, units may be in stock at a Black Splitter dealer’s location across the USA.
  • What are the requirements for operating a Black Splitter?
    • Most machines in the 2-12+ ton weight class with bi-flow auxiliary hydraulics set to the requirements of the Black Splitter motor as outlined by the manufacturer including mini excavators, skid steers, mini skid steers and compact loaders   .
  • What type of motor does Black Splitter utilize in the products?
    • The answer depends on the Black Splitter motor type. The 630, 800 and 800+ motors are robust compact reversible orbital motors which are designed to withstand high axial and radial loads. The model SB and SBX have planetary gears incorporated into the robust compact reversible orbital motor.
  • Is a longer/taller cone better?
    • Cone size is a hot topic. Black Splitter cones are designed for splitting performance (and durability) in harmony with the Black Splitter body type and max torque of the motor. The maul like design quickly wedges and splits timber of various sizes, lengths and types. Longer/taller cones tend to spend more time drilling and less time splitting under similar torque availability.
  • How big of a log can the Black Splitter split?
    • The max torque of the motor is the biggest factor as different sizes and types of logs will greatly affect the splitting capabilities. For example, the 800 motor is the most common on the market and it is very capable with most widths and types of timber under 10’ long. An extremely soft and/or knotty log will potentially drop the speed of splitting, requiring an operator to attempt to split many times along the log before finishing the split. Quoting a long time customer, there is not much an 800 motor will not split when a log is less than 5’ long when operated in the 3,000 – 3,400 psi range. Being that most customers are satisfied with the splitting ability of the 800 motor, the model SB / SBX with planetary gears is next level performance and capable of splitting extreme timber of much longer sections.
  • Can the Black Splitter models split stumps?
    • The Black Splitter models are capable of splitting stumps effectively. The 800 and 800+ motors along with the model SB are recommended. For large, soft varieties of stumps the 800+ motor and SB provide higher torque outputs that will help with the effectiveness.
  • How long will the cone last?
    • The cone is machined from a solid piece of chromium tool grade steel. The properties of the chromium tool grade steel are ideal for splitting wood and can remain effective for years if carefully operated. The life span can be greatly reduced if the cone comes into contact with hard, abrasive materials like stone, pavement or steel. Typically, the replaceable tip takes the brunt of the splitting wear and tear and is easily replaced as needed.
  • What parts are replaceable on the Black Splitter models?
    • Replaceable parts for customers are as follows: cone tip, cone tip accessories (bolt, machined washer, lock washer, parallel key) cone body, cone complete, cone bolts, motor seal kit, endplate, endplate bolts as outlined by the manufacturer. Damage to the motor other than a high pressure situation, may require the purchase and professional installation of a complete motor.
  • What is the manufacturer’s warranty?
    • Guarantee: Supplier Products are guaranteed for one (1) year after date of purchase. Loss of use of Product as a consequence of theft, force majeure, improper and/or unsafe operation of Product and Product tampering or alteration by a third party is excluded from the Supplier’s Product guarantee. The Black Splitter guarantee is in compliance with German legislation, which mandates that all German manufactures must offer a one-year guarantee on manufactured products, not to include condition or damage associated with normal wear and tear.

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