Log Splitting

Big Rounds got you down? We have the solution with a Vermeer mini track loader and a Black Splitter hydraulic log splitter. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

The Black Splitter is very fast and effective at handling and splitting oversized rounds and logs. The Vermeer and Black Splitter do all of the splitting with very little chance of having an injury on-site as it is a hands-free splitting operation from the safety of the machine along with low impact to your yard.

Being based out of Lumberton, NJ we are willing to drive within a 1-2 hour radius to get the job done. The rate is $200 per hour with a four hour minimum plus travel $50-$75 each way. Most jobs can be completed within 3-4 hours but please contact us to discuss for an accurate quote.

The Black Splitter is a unique hydraulic log splitting tool that gives me a professional edge on most other companies using slow, cylinder driven log splitters that have to be loaded by hand.

Thank you for considering our service!