8- to 21-Ton Excavator? Tough Timber? Meet the Black Splitter Model S2G

Meet the S2G

The Black Splitter Model S2G is ideal for splitting various types of wood when mounted on 8- to 21-ton excavators. With 12,000 nM (Newton Meters) of torque, this hydraulic cone splitter can conquer timber of all sizes and lengths. Like all Black Splitter wood-splitting attachments, it can also be used to maneuver and position individual logs before and after splitting as well.

The attachment’s unique two-piece chromium-steel cone is designed to devastate your toughest timber. It has a 3,000-millimeter-diameter replaceable tip, a unique quadruple helical thread design, and a combined thread pitch of 45 millimeters.

At 926 pounds, the Model S2G is also easy to transport and works well as a stationery or mobile attachment. Are you ready to transform your log splitting operation?

Black Splitter Purchase Pays Huge Dividends for New York Recycling Center

The Shelter Island Recycling Center in Long Island, N.Y. racked up multiple victories after purchasing a new Black Splitter Model SB Hydraulic Cone Splitter from Ransome Attachments. Its main objective was downsizing vegetative waste to preserve an expensive horizontal grinder, but the operation became self-sufficient and expect to save millions of taxpayer dollars in the process.

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A Less Damaging Approach to Pile Driving

Hammering in piles and sheeting can cause damage. especially when you’re dealing with wood and vinyl. Using a vibratory plate compactor like the GenPac Model GE-970 is often the better option. This excavator-mounted attachment sends vibration along the length of the piece being driven and eliminates the skin friction that can slow down pile driving. This vibration, coupled with the impulse force of the GenPac and the carrier’s down pressure, makes the GE-970 a no brainer when you have to drive beams, sea walls and piling. As if all that weren’t enough, you can also compact granular and moderately cohesive soils in trenches, foundations, and on slopes.