Saw, Split, and Extract Stumps with the Ransome Shark Tooth

The Ransome Shark Tooth Stump Splitter/ Harvester Model RST 150 is ideal for land clearing contractors looking for a single attachment to saw, split, extract and harvest tree stumps. The operation is simple: insert the tooth; use the serrated edge to saw it; and use the thumb and the flat edge of the tooth to extract and offload it.

Designed for a 15- to 24-ton excavator, the Shark Tooth is forged with rugged AR 400 steel right here in the U.S. It breaks down even the toughest stumps into small enough pieces that you can bid farewell to that large tub grinder. (Click here to find out how the Shark Tooth drastically reduced stump disposal time for one of our customers.)

The traditional method involves using a larger excavator with bucket to dig out the stump. Why create more backfilling work when you can get the job done quicker and with less ground disturbance using the Shark Tooth?

Shade Tree Commission Drives Up Safety, Productivity with Black Splitter

The Paramus Shade Tree and Parks Commission was looking for a way to improve the safety of its tree removal operations while also improving productivity. It purchased a Black Splitter Model SB Cone Splitter in July and has dramatically transformed both. An operation that once required several workers to remove and downsize trees next to live traffic is now done with a single operator in the safety of its composting facility. Get the full story in Construction Equipment Guide.

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New Tax Law Makes Now the Right Time to Buy Equipment

Whether you acquire equipment in 2018 or within the next five years, you will receive substantial deductions under the new tax law. You have the option to tap section 179 or bonus depreciation, both of which will allow you to deduct 100 percent of new or used equipment in the first year you use it. Check out the article below for additional details.

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Black Splitter Model SB Destroys Logs at the Paul Bunyan Show

Ransome Attachments Owner Eric Ransome demonstrated the Black Splitter Model SB at the Paul Bunyan Show in Ohio from October 5 to 7. He split 28-inch-diameter-by-13-foot-long unseasoned Beech and Green Beech logs without a hitch. Special thanks to our local distributor Shaver Specialty Services & Sales Inc. for supporting the effort.