5% OFF Strickland Attachments

5% OFF Strickland Attachments

Strickland Attachments: Rugged, Durable, and Cheaper than the Competition

Ransome Attachments has been offering the Strickland line for more than 15 years. Our customers report time and time again that these attachments match the ruggedness and durability of the most expensive brands on the market but at a much lower price point.

Our lineup includes grapplessplittersmechanical pulverizers, and concrete crackers. Keep in mind that these attachments are easily interchangeable and can be used with either a quick coupler or direct pin. In fact, they’ve been engineered specifically for use with a quick coupler so there are no additional costs to modify equipment.

Contact us today to find out how to maintain productivity while spending less on attachments with the Strickland line of attachments.

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Britton Industries Stocks Up on Ransome’s Strickland Attachments

Britton Industries set out to standardize its equipment spread, and elected to go with several Strickland attachments supplied by Ransome Attachments. The spread included grapples, stump splitters, pulverizers, and buckets. Interchangeability and service were the main reasons Britton chose Ransome and its line of Strickland attachments. Find out what other factors went into the decision in this Construction & Demolition Recycling article.

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Split Stumps and Recycle Concrete with a Single Attachment

Many contractors rely on separate attachments to recycle concrete and split stumps. This requires twice the cost in equipment and maintenance, not to mention lost time switching between attachments. What if there were a better way to get both jobs done with a single attachment?

The Strickland SCS 40 Cracker Splitter will allow you to do twice the work for the price of one attachment. The name says it all. It easily splits stumps and log sections, and also breaks down large concrete blocks and slabs. The unique design of the SCS 40 allows for the concrete cracking point to be exchanged with a wood/stump splitter point.

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Ransome to Join Black Splitter GmbH at Germany’s Forest Live Fair

Eric Ransome will join Black Splitter for the 2019 Forst Live Fair in Offenburg, Germany from March 29-31. This is one of the country’s leading demo shows for forestry technology, wood energy, and biomass. Eric will also meet the Black Splitter team and tour the factory. Watch future newsletters for a report on the trip.

5% Discount on All Strickland Attachments

We’re currently offering a 5% discount on our entire stock of Strickland grapplessplittersmechanical pulverizers, and concrete crackers. Your potential savings will be $845-$1,145 value. This limited time offer runs through February 28, 2019.

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