Pile Driving and Soil Compaction in a Single Attachment

There are times where you have to compact soil for foundations, trenches, or slopes, but must also drive beams, seawalls, piling, and sheeting. How often have you had to waste time and money switching out machines or attachments?

The GE-970 is essentially a hydraulic plate compactor that can also function as a vibratory pile driver. Designed to fit 15,000- to 37,000-pound machines, this multifunctional attachment pairs vibration with 14,500 pounds of impulse force to overcome the skin friction that slows pile driving by sending vibration throughout the pile.

The GE-970 goes on within minutes and requires little maintenance. A complete mounting kit allows simple matching of the attachment to your machine. Not to mention there are no bolts to tighten since the baseplate and eccentric housing are integrally mounted. There are also heavy rubber isolators to prevent vibrations from reaching your machine’s boom.

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Landscaper Praises German-made Wood Splitter

Check out this flashback to March 2015 when our first article was published in Total Landscape Care. Ransome Attachments (formerly known as Atlantic Excavator Attachments) was the only Black Splitter in the U.S. at the time and had just sold an S2X 800 to ACC Landscape Contractors of Turnersville, New Jersey. Find out how it allowed their operator to “handle and split large timber with the precision of a surgeon without leaving the cab of a construction machine.”

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Mechanical Versus Hydraulic Wood Splitting? This is How to Decide.

There are differing opinions and preferences on the best way to split over sized logs and stumps for further processing by a chipper, firewood processor, or tub grinder. Do you choose a hydraulic or mechanical attachment?

Generally speaking, it depends on your machine. Mechanical splitters like the Ransome Stump Harvester rely on the brute force that only a strong machine can deliver, while Black Splitter hydraulic “screw splitters” need standard bi-flow auxiliary hydraulics on a compact machine.

A mechanical splitter works well for stump splitting on 18- to 45-ton excavators because that weight class has enough power for ripping through tough stumps and logs. The blade of the Stump Harvester, for example, is fixed to the bracket arm so you can use the weight and power of an excavator to drive through the product. In contrast, the Black Splitter is not designed for these purposes.

Ransome always factors in the needs and preferences of the customer before recommending the best solution. Click here to discuss your specific needs.

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Trip to Savannah to Meet with Potential Black Splitter Dealer

We’re always on the lookout for fellow distributors to support our mission to spread the Black Splitter across the United States. Owner Eric Ransome will be traveling to Savannah, Georgia this April to meet with Savannah Equipment Specialists to discuss the possibilities. We believe that the Black Splitter line will complement Savannah’s Avant Mini Articulating Wheel Loaders. Watch future newsletters for the latest news.