Optimize Your Hauling with AM Machinery Trailers

Ransome became a distributor for AM Machinery’s Dump Trailer in November 2018. It was an obviously complement to our existing Black Splitter line. In fact, we rolled out a dump trailer at the recent Loggers Plus Expo in Bloomsburg, Pa.

The forestry trailer, designed to hitch up to a single-axle truck, is ideal for loading, hauling, and unloading logs. It consists of a U.S. DOT approved trailer and a hydraulic log loading boom with grapple.

The dump trailer offers even more versatility. It too features a hydraulic log loading boom with grapple. The dump trailer also offers optional fold down sides, which allows for the transportation of smaller materials such as brush, mulch, and fill. It can also tilt back hydraulically, allowing for the quick dumping of material.

Whether you’re a sawmilling, logging, or firewood processing operator, or even a tree care specialist, these trailers will allow you to haul materials and equipment easily and efficiently. Both types are highly customizable. If you don’t see the combination you need, we may be able to modify the trailer to accommodate.

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Ransome Shark Tooth Makes the Cut for Tree Care Industry Magazine

The RST 150 Shark Tooth Stump Splitter/Harvester recently appeared in Tree Care Industry Magazine, the official magazine of the Tree Care Industry Association. Featured in the Cutting Edge Products Section, this brief write-up explains how this unique tool eliminates the need for a large tub grinder and excavator.

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How to Choose Between a Dump or Forestry Trailer

Most contractors know they need a trailer to reduce the back-breaking work of loading and offloading materials, but they may not know whether a forestry or dump trailer is the best fit. We carry both types of trailers from AM Machinery so we’ve dealt with this issue before.

Most contractors opt for the dump trailer because of its versatility. It also happens to be more expensive than the forestry trailer, but it offers more features. The dump trailer features a hydraulic lift, which adds another dimension to offloading by allowing you to dump your load without the use of the grapple. The forestry trailer doesn’t have that function.

The dump trailer also has sidewalls, allowing you to haul not only logs, but also brush, mulch, fill, etc. The forestry trailer has no such walls, so it will only work for logs.

Both trailers offer unique advantages, but the right fit will be determined mainly by what material you’re looking to haul and your budget. We’re always available if you need help making the right choice.

Firewood Processing Demo at Loggers Plus Expo

We attended the Loggers Plus Expo from April 26-27 at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds in Bloomsburg Pa. Ransome partnered with Shavers Specialty Services Booth, which brought in a spread of equipment that allowed us to demonstrate an entire firewood production operation from start to finish. It included the Black Splitter S2 800, Halverson Wood Processor, and an AM Machinery Trailer.

Black Splitter on Display at the 2019 Loggers Expo in Maine

Ransome partnered with Blacks Creek Innovations to set up a display at the 2019 Northern Loggers Expo in Bangor, Maine from May 17-18. The highlight of the event was a demo of the Black Splitter Model S2 800 on our Vermeer Mini Loader.