Now Offering the Gyru-Star for Compact Equipment

The Gyru-Star Compact Screening Bucket is a durable, efficient, and cost-effective way to separate stone and vegetation from soil without the need for crushing or shredding. The attachment derives its name from the rows of flexible polyurethane stars that screen the material. The unique shape, flexibility, and spacing of the stars also eliminates the potential for clogging.

What makes the Gyru-Star unique is that it’s designed specifically for compact excavators ranging from 2,000 to 50,000 pounds, in addition to compact wheel loaders, skid steers, and agricultural tractors. Don’t underestimate this bucket because it can be transported in the bed of a mini pickup truck. Its production rates can meet or exceed that of larger screening systems on the market.

We expect strong demand for the Gyru-Star, especially from landscaping, forestry, pipeline, and utility contractors. Get your orders in now and let’s improve the quality of your material screening operation.

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New Gyru-Star PR

Ransome Attachments just brought yet another innovative UK-manufactured attachment to the U.S. Landscaping, forestry, pipeline, and utility construction companies now have a more compact and cost-effective way to screen soil, aggregates, sand, and compost. Find out more about the Gyru-Star Compact Screening Bucket in Equipment and Contracting Magazine.

How to Dry Out Damp Material with the Gyru-Star

Much of the U.S. is in the midst of the wettest year on record. Drenched, low quality stockpiles are making it hard for contractors, landscapers, and material suppliers to keep up with demand during one of the strongest economies in American history.

Our new Gyru-Star Compact Screening Bucket can help to facilitate the drying out of damp material. The bucket helps to break open the clumps of damper material as the material is being screened, which increases the surface area, aerates and oxygenates the soil, and allows moisture to escape. The result is drier soil/compost with improved overall quality.

Ransome Shark Tooth Still Makes the Cut for Thompson Brothers

Eric Ransome recently visited Brian Thompson of Thompson Brothers in western North Carolina to find out how its Ransome Shark Tooth has been performing. The contractor purchased the first RST 150 in Spring 2018 and drastically increased stump processing productivity operation. We were happy to see that the Shark Tooth is still meeting expectations.

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