Now Offering the Ditch Doctor: a Better Way to Dig Ditches

The conventional way of digging and maintaining ditches is the excavator-mounted bucket method. The leftover pile of spoils not only adds to your expenses, but also slows down production.

Whether you’re working on a dry ditch or in up to three feet of water, our newest attachment, the Ditch Doctor™, solves those problems. This unique hydraulic excavator attachment is specifically designed to create, restore, and maintain infrastructure drainage ditches and it can handle virtually any type of material. It essentially chews up material with cutting heads, breaks it down, and redistributes the spoils from a chute and self-levels nearby.

Not only is it up to three times more productive than the conventional method, but it’s also more environmentally friendly. The Ditch Doctor creates a two-stage ditch, which allows the vegetation to remain on slopes and an upper shelf as the rotary head carves out a U-shaped ditch below, unlike the bucket method that removes all beneficial vegetation and allows for further erosion.

The Ditch Doctor can help to improve profitability and speed up your schedule in a more sustainable way. Contact us today and we’ll work with you to identify the right model for your 5- to 22-ton excavators.

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Ransome Becomes First and Only U.S. Distributor of Ditch Doctor There are no boundaries when it comes to finding the best equipment for our customers. Our latest offering, the Ditch Doctor, is a product of Canada. This unique attachment is a cost-effective, productive, alternative to the conventional bucket method. Find out more about the deal and the attachment in Equipment & Contracting.

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How to Switch between Tools with the Ditch Doctor’s Removable Scroll Case

The Ditch Doctor’s patented detachable scroll case allows a single operator to switch seamlessly between tools in less than 30 minutes. It merely requires the removal of a series of bolts and the alignment of a pilot hole and coupling. If there is a rotation change of the rotor between the scroll case, the bypass manifold has to be reversed as well. We understand this may sound complicated without visuals. Have no fear. Ransome will be there to make sure you get the most out of the scroll case feature on your new Ditch Doctor.


Shade Tree Federation

Ransome Attachments will be at the Shade Tree Federation conference in Atlantic City, NJ October 24-25 at Harrah’s Conference Center. Stop by and say hello!

Product Demo Trio at New York State Woodsmen’s Expo

The crowds swarming around our booth as at NYS Woodsmen’s Field Days, Inc. from August 16-18 to watch logs being split, dirt being screened, and posts being pounded. We demonstrated the Black Splitter Log Splitter, Gyru-Star Screening Bucket, and the Cobra Screening/Crushing/Padding Bucket. Special thanks to our partners at Exac-One for making the trip across the pond to show off the Grab-N-Drive Post Driver.