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  • Requires only one excavator and one operator; no additional equipment needed
  • Works faster and is more cost-effective than conventional methods
  • Ability to disturb the lower 1/3 of ditch while not eroding top 2/3 maintaining a two-stage ditch design and maintaining the shape of the ditch
  • Distributes and self levels soil
  • Works in various soil conditions and up to three feet of water
  • Works on all forms in infrastructure roadside agriculture etc
  • Maintain healthy saturation of land leading to increased production of crops and vegetation
  • Keep proper water flow increasing the ability to drain away water quickly and ability to create a two-stage ditch
  • Quickly attaches to fit most new excavators from 5 to 20 tonnes
  • Build a self-sustaining watershed through state-of-the-art science in ditching maintenance

The Ditch Doctor Rotary Ditching method removes only the spoil necessary and evenly distributes it away from the ditch. Water begins to drain away immediately and because the integrity of the vegetation on the slopes is maintained soil is prevented from being washed back into the ditch.

When compared to the traditional method of bucket and excavator plus possible trucking away of the spoil there are significant cost and time savings. The Ditch DoctorTM Rotary Ditching is able to restore and existing ditch and create a two-stage ditch. The new ditch can handle large volumes of water and is equally efficient at draining away surface water. The Ditch DoctorTM method is an excellent option for your infrastructure drainage maintenance projects.

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