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Excellent for Maintenance of Infrastructure Drainage Projects

The Ditch Doctor method removes only the spoil necessary and evenly distributes the nutrient-rich soil away from the ditch. The Ditch Doctor is able to restore existing drainage ditches, self-level spoil and create a two-stage ditch. Water begins to drain away immediately and because the integrity of the vegetation on the slopes is maintained soil is prevented from being washed back into the ditch. The area quickly revegetates.

When compared to the traditional method of bucket and excavator plus possible trucking away of the spoil there are significant environmental, cost and time savings benefits. The Ditch Doctor is an excellent option for creating the final contour of the inner channel. The new ditch can handle large volumes of water and is equally efficient at gradually draining away surface water.


  • Affordable attachment
  • Unique service
  • Cost savings
  • Ditch Doctor is 3 times faster
  • Lower maintenance on ditches
  • Capable of working in up to 3 feet of water
  • Quick attachment
  • Operator can easily control distance which material is deposited on side slopes
  • Works in various soil conditions

Environmental Benefits

  • Self-level nutrient-rich spoil
  • Only disturbs 1/3 of bottom of ditch
  • Vegetation remains on the side slopes
  • One Operator/One Machine
  • Reduce Fuel


  • 22” Wide With Contour Bottom
  • Custom Quick Attachment
  • Speed Control Allows Variable
  • Distribution Of Spoil
  • Fits Various Size Excavators
  • Quick Attach Hydraulic Lines
  • Easily Replace Wear Components
  • Self-cleaning
  • Reversible
  • Patent Pending Design
  • Adaptable Scroll Case
  • Easy To Maintain
  • 12 Month Warranty


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Available Models

Model Carrier Weight Range Request Information
Ditch Doctor DD15 5.5 - 13 Tons Request Information
Ditch Doctor DD22 16.5 - 22 Tons Request Information