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Save Tons of Time & Money

The Strickland Cracker/Splitter mechanical multiprocessor effectively splits and processes wood/stumps and concrete on your excavator. The Cracker/Splitter easily splits stumps/log sections and breaks down large concrete blocks and slabs into small chunks. You will save tons of time and money by processing and downsizing wood and stumps making much fewer trips to haul this debris away. The Strickland Cracker/Splitter will go right through oak stumps, and quarter them, and allows a cleaner load into tub grinders. With this tool, you will not need to have a larger tub grinder. The use of the Strickland Cracker/Splitter saves you money.

Changing from the stump splitter blade to our concrete cracker blade is easy. You can change the blade out in about 10-15 minutes with simple tools. The power of the concrete cracker will vary according to the machine, pressures on the machine, release valves on the machine, concrete density, age of the concrete and re-bar. It excels at separating re-bar from concrete slabs allowing for a great return on investment. We are sure you will be impressed.

Strickland is a top quality manufacturer. The model SCS40 is built to fit most 18-25 ton excavators for direct pin or with a quick coupler. The compatibility and availability depend on the make and model of the excavator. The typical lead time is 5 days from time of order. Payment is due for pickup or shipping to the customer.

Each unit is custom built to suit your needs and includes pins, stiff arm, weld-on plate and a full manufactures warranty covering material defect and workmanship for up to 12 months.


  • built to fit most 18-45 ton excavators
  • US Built
  • Bolt on Concrete jaw and Splitter point
  • fully greasable bronze bushings



Available Models

Model Carrier Weight Range Request Information
Strickland Splitter Cracker SC40 18 - 25 Tons Request Information