Timber Tamer Mini Series Request Information

Versatile Bushhog

The Mini Series of the Timber Tamer turns your mini-excavator into a versatile bushhog, allowing you to go where your tractor pulled bushhog can’t. It’s perfect for use in maintaining right of ways, cutting overhanging limbs, as well as mowing ditch banks and wet areas.

Model Sizes

  • Mini 48 – 4 foot cutting path
  • Mini 60 – 5 foot cutting path
  • Mini 72 – 6 foot cutting path

General Specifications

  • cuts brush, saplings and debris up to 3-4 inches in diameter at ground level
  • adjustable cutting angle with existing boom controls
  • clockwise and counter clockwise cutter rotation
  • two free swinging, double-edged blades
  • high strength housing construction
  • safety chain assemblies to contain discharge
  • weight: 1,500 pounds

Hydraulic Specifications

  • continuous service priority flow required
  • three position directional control valve with open center spool
  • a flow divider valve is needed in certain applications
  • minimum of a constant 12 g.p.m. @ 2000 p.s.i., regardless of excavator function
  • maximum of 25 g.p.m. @ 2500 p.s.i.
  • we recommend all valves and plumbing be installed by your excavator dealer. plumbing from the stick to the cutter is required. the mini 48 is plumbed out to 2 #10 male jic fittings. the completed hydraulic installation is to be consistent with common industry standards.

Electrical Specifications

  • 20 amp auxiliary circuit for 12 or 24 volt for pilot valve operation
  • cab mounted, foot-operated master “on/off” switch with indicator light (optional)


Available Models

Model Carrier Weight Range Request Information
Timber Tamer Mini 48 - Tons Request Information
Timber Tamer Mini 60 - Tons Request Information
Timber Tamer Mini 72 - Tons Request Information