See our models in action! Below are some of our units being demonstrated. Additional videos can be found on our YouTube Channel.  For questions please feel free to contact us.

Ditch Doctor Rotary Ditching Method

The Ditch Doctor Rotary Ditching method removes only the spoil necessary and evenly distributes it away from the ditch. Water begins to drain away immediately and because the integrity of the vegetation on the slopes is maintained soil is prevented from being washed back into the ditch.

Black Splitter at the Forst Live 2019

Highlights of Black Splitter products at the Forst Live 2019. Our products are utilized in numerous industries including firewood & wood fuel production, biomass harvesting, forestry, land clearing and landscaping. Due to professional German engineering and robust construction, Black Splitter hydraulic wood-splitting attachments and accessories have earned acclaim for their superior quality from industry professionals and private customers around the world.

Screw/Cone Splitter on a Hitachi EX200

Black Splitter model S2G on a EX200 splitting a large log. The model S2G has power extreme for splitting the biggest logs on a 12-21 ton excavator to be easily processed by smaller firewood processors, tub grinders or chippers. Made in Germany, built for you!

Black Splitter at the 93rd Annual NJ Shade Tree Federation Conference

Ransome Attachments demoed the Black Splitter model S2 800 at the 93rd Annual NJ Shade Tree Federation Conference with a mini loader. Even on a small machine the model S2 800 is very capable of handling and splitting large diameter rounds of all types and logs. Take the back breaking work out of splitting logs!

How to Recycle Concrete with a 21 Ton Excavator

A Volvo EC210B pulverizing concrete slabs with a mechanical Strickland Concrete Cracker model SCS40. This top quality concrete cracker, exclusively made for Ransome Attachments, is ideal for down sizing slabs of concrete with a 20-25 ton excavator. The cracker generates more force at the tip of the jaw due to less surface area than a wider concrete pulverizer allowing for more productivity with the smaller machine. The bolt on cracker jaw can be switched out for a stump splitting jaw for more multiple applications with one attachment. Save time, make money.

Check Out This Impressive Skid Steer Operated Log and Stump Splitter

Black Splitter hydraulic log splitter model SB splitting big logs on skid steers.

Black Splitter Model SB Getting Busy with the Nasty Logs in VT

Go Pro footage from the 2018 Northeastern Forest Products Expo in scenic Burlington, VT. The Black Splitter model SB is installed on a Kubota KX 040-4. As you can see, we were not shy about getting large, tough logs to split. Ask Ransome Attachments about turning your mini into a mighty wood splitting machine with a Black Splitter!

Black Splitter Hydraulic Log Splitter in Action on a Skid Steer

Black Splitter hydraulic log splitter model S2 800 splitting over-sized log on a Kubota skid steer. Turn your mini into a mighty wood splitting machine with Black Splitter!

Ransome Shark Tooth Stump Splitter / Harvester in Action

The Ransome Shark Tooth Stump Splitter / Harvester model RST 150 allows you to saw through stumps in the ground of various sizes and types then split with the wedge shape of the tooth and extract with a 15-24 ton excavator. Built in the US with AR 400 steel; built to last. The sturdy and effective Shark Tooth will save you tons of time and money on your smaller excavator for land clearing jobs. Splitting the stump in the ground and harvesting the downsized stump sections with this attachment has many advantages like less wear and tear on your machine and less disturbance to the ground when compared to using a bucket, less need for larger excavators, making much fewer trips to haul away whole stumps along with ease of processing and much safer than some traditional means. Once the stumps are split, use the Ransome Shark Tooth (with a hydraulic thumb) to extract from the ground or load into tub grinder or container. With this tool, you will not need to have a larger tub grinder. The use of the RST saves you money and increases profits without have too invest tens of thousands of dollars.

Strickland Concrete Pulverizer Recycling the Old Tappan Zee Bridge

Strickland Concrete Pulverizer model CP80 working on a CAT 345 pulverizing and recycling reinforced bridge decking from the Tappan Zee bridge. Top notch quality and performance.

Get ready for Black Splitter Log Splitter

We are the 1st distributor of the Black Splitter in North America. After 15 years of buying and selling quality new and used demolition & recycling attachments for excavators, we decided on distribution with the best.

Vermeer Mini Skid Splitting Logs with a Black Splitter

Black Splitter model S2 630 splitting logs on a Vermeer S725TX. Turn your mini into a mighty log splitting machine. Black Splitter is built in Germany! No Chinese components like a certain competitor. Black Splitter USA headquartered in NJ.

Black Splitter Hydraulic Wood Splitter Model S2 800 Splitting Stumps

Black Splitter hydrualic wood splitter model S2 800 splitting stumps and pine log on a CAT 279D Skid Steer.

Strickland Concrete Pulverizer Model SCP40 QC

Strickland mechanical concrete pulverizer recycling reinforced concrete slabs and removing rebar on a CASE CX250D with a Strickland Quick Coupler

Ransome Excavator Stump Harvester / Splitter in Action on a Hyundai 160

Ransome Excavator Stump Harvester - Splitter working on a Hyundai 160. The Hyundai 160 is on the small side for splitting large stumps with a mechanical stump splitter but with the Ransome model RSH40 its done quickly and efficiently.