Black Splitter SB All Models

At a Glance

Model Carrier Weight Range Weight
SB 4 - 9 Tons 595lbs (270kg)

The Black Splitter SB is designed to fit all models of excavators. The unique rotating threaded cone provides extremely efficient wood-splitting power for various timber types including hard, soft, straight, twisted, stumps and roots. The two-piece chromium-steel cone with replaceable tip has a quadruple shear thread for quick penetration and performance. The cone can also be used to maneuver and position individual logs before and after splitting.


Cone:chromium steel; quadruple shear thread; 2 parts; 11.8 in. diameter; 1.90 in. thread pitch
Hydraulic Motor:input pressure 2610 – 3100 psi; max. flow rate 58 gpm; max. torque 8850 lbf-ft with planetary gears
Note:does not include machine bracket or hydraulic hoses

Typical lead time is 3-6 weeks if not in stock. Custom mounting bracket is not included but can be order at an additional cost.

Other Models

Model Carrier Weight Range Request Information
S2 630 1.5-6 Tons Request Information
S2X 800 1.5-9 Tons Request Information
SG1 800 2.5-9 Tons Request Information
S2 800 1.5-9 Tons Request Information
S2X 800+ 1.5-9 Tons Request Information
S1 1-6 Tons Request Information
S1X 7-14 Tons Request Information

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